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Last Call at Harlem's Lenox Lounge

Harlem’s Lenox Lounge, which opened in 1930, hosted jazz legends such as Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane in its heyday, and was revived by new owner Alvin Reed in 1998, will shut down at the end of the year, marking what some are calling the end of an era.

The reason? A skyrocketing rent that Reed says he can’t afford. But the proprietor isn’t taking the loss lying down – when he goes, he says, so will the name and the landmark signage. “If they want to use Lenox Lounge, they will have to negotiate with me,” he told Black Enterprise about the new jazz club slated to open in the location. “I brought it back and I want to see it stay there. I want to keep the legacy alive. I am Lenox Lounge, and I will be Lenox Lounge for quite some time. And if they want Lenox Lounge, they want me.”

From Black Enterprise:

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